MonitorIT 8.0.34

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MonitorIT 8.0.34

MonitorIT 8.0.34 | 24,1 MB

MonitorIT is designed as an intranet/internet based, comprehensive Windows, Linux/Unix, Network Infrastructure Device monitoring, alerting, diagnosing, collecting and reporting tool for managing availability and performance of servers, workstations, and network devices in IP based networks. MonitorIT requires a Windows operating system based computer for its central monitoring Server. This MonitorIT Server supports Microsoft Access, which by default is installed with the included Access database engine, or optionally Microsoft SQL Server, for all its database configuration and monitoring information. MonitorIT uses Microsoft Internet Explorer to provide easy, remote, secure console access to the MonitorIT Server’s built in HTTP server (you do not need IIS or any other web server software).

MonitorIT provides a Windows Agent and a Linux/Unix Agent (for Linux, Solaris, AIX, SUSE, SCO/Unixware, HP-UX, and ESX) with built-in monitoring components to accomplish the various monitoring capabilities, and ties all the monitoring together with the central monitoring Server’s alerting, graphing and reporting components. All monitoring, alerting, diagnosing, graphing, collecting and reporting information available at the MonitorIT Server can be accessed from anywhere with MonitorIT’s remote IE based console.

MonitorIT scales to monitor as many as 1000 servers, workstations and network devices from a single central MonitorIT Server because virtually all actual monitoring is ‘delegated’ to the deployed Agent on each server. The MonitorIT Server sends the appropriate monitoring rules for each server to the Agent which then monitors locally. The Agent sends monitoring data back to the central MonitorIT Server only when conditions match the Watch rules.