Morpheus 5

Posted By: andremarie
Morpheus 5

Morpheus 5 | Application | Size: 2 Mb

New Morpheus with BitTorrent support adds podcast searching and publishing to its popular P2P file-sharing and search application. Morpheus is a brand of peer-to-peer file sharing products that allows users to connect together with users of the Morpheus software as well as other peer-to-peer technologies to form a user network.

Morpheus Benefits:
* Morpheus allows you to find files anytime, anywhere, without any waiting. The ease of use with advanced search functions such as multiple searches, keywords and descriptions along with file bundling make Morpheus a superior file-sharing software product.
* Morpheus provides users with access to a massive global user network.
* Decentralized peer-to-peer networks are the most cost effective way to deliver content because they help distribute hardware and bandwidth costs.
* Morpheus allows people to connect directly and share information. The peer-to-peer user network becomes richer and more fulfilling the more people use Morpheus.

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