Movie Database ver. 1.09

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Movie Database ver. 1.09

Movie Database ver. 1.09 | 28 Mb

Automatically retrieve multiple Movie images and information from the internet.
Enter Movie Titles or UPC Barcodes to initiate Movie Information searches.
UPC Barcodes can be typed in manually or inputed with the aid of a BarCode Scanner, singularly or in groups.
Retrieve: Actors, Characters, Plot, Plot Summary, Quotes, All Academy Awards, Writer, Director, Runtime, Movie Ratings, Genre, Year and Multiple Movie Images.
Retrieve Images on virtually any subject, i.e. Books, Authors, People, Places etc.
Unlimited Scrollable Image Portals for easy viewing of all Images.
Scrollable windows can be resized up to 5 different magnifications
Modular Realistic Rack Shelves
Display the entire Movie Main Image collection on the Computer Screen, limited only by the user's screen size.
Keep track of all Borrowed, Rented and Loaned Out Movies.
A History Log is created for all Borrowed, Rented, and Loaned Out Movie.
Reminder Events for all Movies that have to be Returned.
Drop down lists for accelerated data entry.
Tool tip instructions for easy command of application when mouse is hovered over screen objects and fields.
Voice notification of completed Movie Downloads (Mac).
Progress Bars
Automatic Updates from previous versions
Choice of four (4) Screen Interfaces
Go directly to's Associated Movie Web page