MovieWorks Deluxe ver. 6.1.1

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MovieWorks Deluxe ver. 6.1.1

MovieWorks Deluxe ver. 6.1.1

MovieWorks Deluxe ver. 6.1.1
OS: Windows | 14 Mb | Language: English

The Best-Value Tool Suite for Creating Podcasts, Movies and Interactive Presentations! MovieWork Deluxe combines simple-to-use video, sound, animation and paint editors with a powerful multimedia authoring program. Create precisely-timed presentations with unprecedented ease, speed, quality and affordability, and deliver movies on a data CD/DVD, set-top DVD, iPod, PDA, web page or computer; or interactive projects on a computer or data CD/DVD.

The five integrated applications (Author, Paint, Sound, Video & Animator) work together seamlessly, making it easy to incorporate analog (AV) or digital (DV) video, buttons, photos, graphics, animations, 3D, narration, MIDI, MP3, CD music, text and titling, and even Virtual Reality (VR) movies into stunning, professional-quality multimedia productions.

Five Programs in One:
Author - Authoring, sequencing and effects.
Sound - record and edit narration & CD quality sound plus effects.
Animator - create cell animations up to 256 x 256 with an unlimited number of frames.
Video - capture from analog (VCR, camcorder) and/or digital (DV camcorder) devices.
Paint - Standard paint tools plus basic photo editing tools, brightness/contrast, crop and rotate.