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MP3 Magic v2.02

Posted By: yeps
MP3 Magic v2.02

MP3 Magic v2.02 | 5 Mb

MP3 Magic makes it easy for you to split, chop, trim join, and edit MP3 files saved by Replay Radio or any other program. If you're looking for a way to eliminate ads, dead air or other unwanted filler in your recordings, MP3 Magic is the solution. You can also make segments by time, duration or file size.

MP3 Magic is really simple to use. Just pick a file, and then choose to split your MP3 file in one of three ways:

– Split By Selection: Listen to your MP3 file, and choose places where you want to chop the file.
– Split By Time: You can pick how long each segment will be.
– Split By Size: You can split MP3 files into smaller sized files by choosing the maximum size of each segment.