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Mp3 Remix For MusicMatch JukeBox v3.102 + Mp3 Remix For Winamp v3.102 + Mp3 Remix Player Plus v3.205

Posted By: maverik53

Mp3 Remix For MusicMatch JukeBox v3.102
Mp3 Remix For Winamp v3.102
Mp3 Remix Player Plus v3.205

MP3 Remix lets you quickly create the best song remix to suit your musical tastes. It comes pre-installed with an extensive remix library of fun and professional sounding presets, loops, and sounds that can be mixed into any song of any music style.

Create customized remixes by selecting from the many sound and loop styles available in the Remix Library.
Expand your library by importing your own sounds to use in remixes.
Purchase MP3 Remix Plus to get the complete package of high-quality factory remix presets, loops and sounds. With MP3 Remix Plus you'll enjoy creating an endless variety of remixes of your songs.

Remixing Engine
Our innovative remix technology took a giant leap forward with improvements to beat detection processing and song remixing, which means that your song remixes will sound better than ever.

Record Formats
Select from 7 levels of audio quality to record your remixes, from web streaming quality to high fidelity uncompressed wav

Remixes, Loops and Sounds
New and improved set of remix presets and sounds come pre-installed. In addition, you can now simultaneously mix up to 320 different sounds

Quick Pick Buttons
Change your entire remix with a single click. You can assign the quick pick buttons with your favorite remixes to load them instantly.

Mix meters and animated trigger lights now allow you to see as well as hear the remix engine in action. The new improved layout provides better functionality, making MP3 Remix easier to use.

Summary of all MP3 Remix Features
Beat Detection Processing
Sophisticated beat detection processing detects the rhythm and dynamics of any song to create incredible "beat-synchronized" remixes. Real-time Remixing
Performs your remix in real-time, allowing you to instantly hear each change. Record Remixes
Record your custom remixes into a variety of formats for re-listening or sharing with others.
Works with Popular Music Formats
Automatically remix any MP3, audio CD, WMA (Windows Media) or WAV audio file. Automatic Sound Remixing
Automatically drops selected remix loops and sounds right on song beats. Mix Multiple Music Sounds
Mix up to 320 different sounds (beats, loops, scratches, instruments, vocals) simultaneously.
Extremely Easy To Use
No musical ability required. Change Song Speed
Speed up or slow down the tempo of songs while maintaining the original pitch. Add your own sounds
Import your own sounds for use in creating custom remixes