MPLab C30

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MPLab C30

The MPLAB® C30 compiler is a full-featured ANSI compliant C compiler for the Microchip 16-bit devices: PIC24, dsPIC30F and dsPIC33F. MPLAB C30 is fully compatible with Microchip’s MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE), allowing source level debugging with the MPLAB ICE In-Circuit Emulator, MPLAB ICD 2 In-Circuit Debugger and MPLAB SIM Simulator.

* ANSI compliant with standard, math, memory, data conversion and math libraries
* Generates relocatable object modules for enhanced code reuse
* Optimized to generate as much as 30% less code than other 16-bit MCU compilers
* Strong support for in-line assembly when total control is absolutely necessary
* Allows code and data to be located at absolute addresses
* Supports advanced code size optimizations

New in MPLAB C30 v2.00

* Early adopter support for PIC24 and dsPIC33 devices
* Early adopter device support. for dsPIC30F2020/21/22/23
* Support for DSP accumulator registers from the C language
* Support for DSP intrinsincs (functions) from the C language. DSP intrinsics map directly to native dsPIC assembly language instruction
* Student Edition of the C compiler

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