MSDSOFT MSD Organizer Multiuser ver.7.50

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MSDSOFT MSD Organizer Multiuser ver.7.50
MSDSOFT MSD Organizer Multiuser ver.7.50 | 6,4 MB

▪ MSD Organizer allows to keep all your personal and professional information in a single program, complete, easy to use, full featured and secure.
▪ Manage your daily activities, manage your phone book, take note of your relationships with banks, clients, suppliers and other contacts…..

▪ If you take note of your life and work events with this program, you will never forget important appointments, tax payment dates, receipt due dates, family and friends birthdays, credit card expiration dates, car services, etc.

▪ Keep with this program the login information of the sites you use to visit and you won't have to worry about recalling user names and passwords anymore when visiting your online banks, your email accounts, your ISP control panel, etc.

▪ When you need to find any valuable information for you or your company, is when you will become aware of all the power of this program, that many thousands of users are using worldwide.