MySecretFolder ver.4.3 XP

Posted By: _anonymizer_
What is MySecretFolder?

MySecretFolder™ is a powerful yet easy to use Windows program that you can use to hide your private folder (and the files it contains) from other users of your computer, or to lock the folder with a password.
What you can do with MySecretFolder:

* Hide folder, make it invisible until a valid password is entered;
* Password-protect folder, allow only authorized users to open it;
* Operate in the stealth mode, invisibly to other users;
* Quick access to the protected folder via a hot key, etc;

Unlike the built-in security of Windows XP, MySecretFolder does not require your hard drive to be NTFS-formatted: MySecretFolder can protect a folder on both FAT/TAF32 and NTFS disks.