NaturePainter Zen Moment Screensaver (Full Version)

Posted By: bgtip

NaturePainter Zen Moment Screensaver (Full Version) | 14.3 MB

Keeping with our mission to provide software products that help people learn, de-stress & rediscover, we have developed NaturePainter Zen Moment, a screensaver with various nature scenes of a beautiful mountain stream.

NaturePainter Zen Moment also has soothing nature sounds to go with bubbling water and singing birds.

Zen Moment also features fully customizable settings that allow you to control which scenes are displayed and what sounds are heard.

If you close your eyes for a moment while Zen Moment is on, you might even imagine yourself sitting peacefully by a stream in the forest, with the threat of war and economic troubles far away.

The full version of Zen Moment features

* Seven beautiful scenes (2 scenes in the trial version)
* Fully controllable settings panel for scenes, sights and sounds