Navicat 7.25 for Windows

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Navicat 7.25 for Windows

Navicat 7.25 for Windows | 10 Mb
Supports HTTP Tunnel, Foreign Key Data Selection, MySQL ver. 5.0.X, Triggers

Navicat is a powerful MySQL database administration and development tool that is not only sophisticated enough for professional developers, but also easy to learn for new users. With an user-friendly GUI, Navicat lets you quickly and easily create, organize, access and share information in a secure and convenient way. Navicat supports multiple MySQL server connections which can be connected locally or remotely. Your remote MySQL server can be running on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X or Windows platform.

Navicat 7.25 for Windows

Major Features :

* Support Multiple Connections for local or remote MySQL servers
* SSL Connection
* SSH Tunnel
* HTTP Tunnel <new>
* Foreign Key Data Selection <new>
* Browse your databases
* Create and delete databases, tables, indexes and users
* Modify your data
* Create or Run SQL queries. Visual Query Builder
* Manage user privileges [security configuration]
* Backup / Restore your database. Scheduling Backup.
* Data Transfer - Support transfer databases from one MySQL server to another.
* Unicode Support
* Stored Procedure and MySQL View Builder
* Batch Job and Scheduling
* Import/Export data ( It supports up to 18* most popular formats including MS Access, MS Excel, XML, PDF and TXT. )
* Import data from ODBC source.
* Visual Report Builder
* Data Synchronization and Structure Synchronization

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