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NeatImage 5.8 Pro

Posted By: engahmad
NeatImage 5.8 Pro

NeatImage 5.8 Pro | 3.5 mb

Noise is a serious problem that hinders high-quality digital image processing. In digital photography, even the latest consumer- and prosumer-level cameras produce images with an easily noticeable noise component. This component is especially strong in images taken at high ISO/ASA rates. The noise reduces the visual quality of digital images and resulting printouts. Some image processing operations, like sharpening, make quality of noisy images even worse. Neat Image is a program that reduces visible noise in digital photographic images. Neat Image is a digital filter application specially designed to efficiently reduce visible noise in digital photographic images. Neat Image detects, analyzes and removes image noise. The filtration quality is higher than that of other programs because Neat Image takes into account specific characteristics of particular image acquisition devices, making the filtration more accurate.