Nero 7 Premium

Posted By: LIMBO

Nero 7 Premium

Anxious about getting Nero 7 Premium?
Here are some questions.

*When and where can I get Nero 7 Premium?
*What will Nero 7 Premium cost?
*I recently bought Nero 6. Am I eligible for a discount on Nero 7 Premium?
*How can I find out when the web-demo of Nero 7 Premium will be available?
*Will updates within Nero 7 Premium continue to be free?
*Will Nero 6 updates continue to be available?
*Will Nero 7 Premium also be released as a Linux version?
*What’s new in Nero 7 Premium compared to Nero 6?

Here are the answers :

If you want to test the pre-release (only English), here is a BitTorrent link:
560Mb aprox.
Be care it is a non full Nero 7
keygen :

Only for beta testers, and Anxious to test Nero 7