Net Meter v3.1.0.267

Net Meter v3.1.0.267
Net Meter v3.1.0.267

PC | Size: 1.2 MB

Monitor traffic of all network connections
Display real-time graphical and numerical data transfer rates
Support displaying details of multiple network connections at the same time
Rate scale to indicate traffic rates value
Work with Dial-Up, ISDN, Cable Modem, DSL, Ethernet cards, and more
Record all network traffic and gives user all kinds of summary reports, plus export to many different file formats
Record traffic rates and save to a text or MS Excel .csv file
Readout in either kB/sec (kilobytes per second) or kbps (kilobits per second)
Option to notify you of poor connections, peak performance and other events you specify
Scalable to your own modem download capabilities
Useful stopwatch to measure speed of specified network connection
Include complete window configuration and view options
Require minimal screen real estate and system resources
Full compatibility with Windows 98, NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP

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