Net Snippets Pro V 3.3 Beta

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Collect and Manage text, images, documents and links from anywhere
Save text, images, links and files from anywhere, into one location right within your browser
Add personal comments, keywords and other details to every item you save
Source information is automatically saved along with every item you collect
One click transforms your findings into professional branded research reports
Instantly share your research collection with your colleagues
All using a simple drag & drop interface that saves hours of work

Key Features

Capture Content from any Source and Format into One Location
Select text and images from a web page
Capture entire web pages
Capture entire files including PDF, Office documents, video, audio, e-mail messages
Select text and images from files
Web links (Favorites/Bookmarks)
Perform screen capture in various shapes
Capture all images, text & links from a web page

Drag & Drop interface allows you to capture content from any source and format right inside the browser or on your Desktop.

Refine, Focus and add Metadata
Add your personal comments
Specify keywords
Define custom information for every item collected
Add bibliographic information

Create Professional Reports
Automatically generated table of contents linked to the actual content
Automatically generated bibliography
Customizable header & footer

Automatically save source information and other metadata along with every item
Source page title
Source page URL
Date of access

Integration with Microsoft Word
One-click insertion of snippets into Word documents
Automatic removal of HTML tables

Generate Bibliography Reports
MLA style
APA style
Chicago style

Package snippets, entire folders or complex reports into one file and e-mail your colleagues

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