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NetInfo ver. 5.9 Build 710

Posted By: useros
NetInfo ver. 5.9 Build 710

NetInfo ver. 5.9 Build 710 | 1,6 Mb

NetInfo is a reliable network toolkit that will come in handy. Designed for both new and experienced users, it provides all the tools you need to help diagnose network problems and get information about users, hosts and networks on the Internet or on your Intranet.
It features Local Info – obtain information about local host and currently active version of the Windows Sockets. Connections - obtain information about current TCP/IP connections.

You can also use the Ping tool to verify connectivity to a particular device on your network, and use the Trace tool to obtain the list of gateways between your computer and a particular device.

Use the Lookup tool to obtain information on host names and IP addresses and use the Finger tool to obtain information about all users on a network host.

Here are some key features of "NetInfo":

· Local Info - Displays system IP addresses and MAC addresses.
· Connections - Displays all local TCP/IP connections and their foreign connection IP address.
· Ping - Allows you to quickly verify network connectivity to another IP address on the network.
· Trace - Displays a list of routers between your system and the destination system.
· Lookup - Allows you to perform DNS forward and reverse lookup queries.
· Finger - Displays information about users currently logged on to a specified server.
· Whois - Allows you to query contact information for domains registered with a Whois server.
· Daytime - Displays the local time of day for any remote host specified.
· Time - Allows you to query the time value from a remote time server and synchronize the time value with your local system clock.
· Quote - Allows you to view quotations from a remote Quote server.
· HTML - Displays the HTML header code and the page data for any Web page address specified.
· Scanner - Scans for host names for a particular range of IP addresses and displays the state of each IP address in the range.
· Services - Lists the available network services (HTTP, Telnet, DNS, SMTP, and so on) for a particular host.
· E-mail - Allows you to verify any e-mail address by simply entering a full user principal name (user@domain.com).
· Web Center - Displays available online tools, how-tos, tips, and news.