Netsarang Xftp ver.1.3.0205

Posted By: useros
Xftp is a user-friendly FTP/SFTP client software running on Windows platform. It supports FTP and SFTP protocols and provides both password and public key authentications for security-sensitive users. Xftp is interoperable with Xshell program and vice versa. Xftp can use the same authentication key created in Xshell. And users can simply activate Xshell while using Xftp.

Key Features of Xftp

Supports SFTP (SSH2 only) and FTP protocols
Runs on Windows 95/98/ME and NT/2000/XP
Supports OpenSSH and servers
Configures for Multi-users
Three convenient methods to open a session
Address bar supports URL commands
Transfers multiple files simultaneously
Supports resume for the stopped transfer
Easy File/Folder Management
Interoperable with Xsh