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NetStores E-Commerce Extensions for Dreamweaver

Posted By: xelbe
NetStores E-Commerce Extensions for Dreamweaver

NetStores E-Commerce Extensions for Dreamweaver

NetStores E-Commerce Extensions let designers create complete powerful E-Commerce websites quickly and easily.
NetStores E-Commerce Extensions For Dreamweaver give Web Designers and Site Builders the tools to quickly implement E-commerce to a website hosted anywhere on any platform with no software to install. The NetStores E-commerce Extensions add complete e-commerce capabilities including, shopping cart, advanced search features, quick search, add to cart, view cart, query searches, and many ordering capabilities for conducting Ecommerce.
With the NetStores E-Commerce Solution, designers can quickly build and customize a website integrated with credit card processing, B2B, B2C, merchant accounts, without the need for additional software for their hosting platform. No programming, scripting, or html coding is required with these extensions Our extensions are Windows and Macintosh compatible. NetStores, the worlds first E-commerce Application Service Provider has been helping designers implement e-commerce solutions since 1995.
The NetStores Shopping Cart is a database driven cart solution, that does not require any knowledge of database design to use, providing both static web integration, as well as dynamic="true" technology for the latest in e-commerce functionality that is simple to build, maintain and upgrade.
This latest version of the extension has integrated improved technology to allow Dreamweaver Template functionality, easier interface for speedier building, and upgraded documentation.
The upgraded Dreamweaver 3.1 extensions and the latest extension versions can be downloaded at http://dreamweaver.netstores.com. Open a store for 30 days for Free and recieve free phone support and training.

The basic functions in this extension are accessible under the
Insert > NetStores E-Commerce menu, additional functions for
configuration are accessible under the Commands > NetStores E-Commerce menu.

Download from Rapidshare

16.57 MB

have fun…