Network LookOut Administrator ver. 2.3.2

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Network LookOut Administrator ver. 2.3.2

Network LookOut Administrator ver. 2.3.2 | 2,9 MB

The Network LookOut Administrator allows you to see live screens of remote computers. This way, you can always watch what users are doing on the remote computer. Additionally, you have the ability to take control of a remote computer by controlling the mouse and keyboard; this is especially useful when you need to assist the person who uses the remote computer. If you are an administrator, you can easily administer remote computers from your computer. To increase your efficiency the console now include several tolls that can be executed on all or just selected remote computers. Application works through Internet, LAN, WLAN or VPN.

What is it useful for?

* For monitoring your children’s activities on a remote computer.
* For monitoring students in the classroom to achieve better discipline or, just to assist them (by using the remote control feature) when they are in trouble.
* For lowering your business costs by monitoring what your employees are doing on their computers and helping them when they call you. Using the remote control feature enables you to fix problems remotely without visiting them; this saves you precious time.
* For administrating all computers just from one location – your computer.
* Turning off, restarting, hibernating …. remote computers with one click.