Newtek Aura Video Paint 2.5

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Newtek Aura Video Paint 2.5

Newtek Aura Video Paint 2.5 | 52 MB

Some of the new features and enhancements in Aura Video Paint [2.5] include:
NTSC and PAL broadcast monitor display support on wide variety of video capture and playback cards including: NewTek Video Toaster, DPS PAR, PVR, Hollywood, Reality/Velocity, Matrox DigiSuite Full, LE, LX and DTV.
Support for all Windows video hardware such as web cam, digital camera and DV cards.
Additional flexibility with support of all pressure sensitive tablets, and the extended range of tablet capabilities such as pen altitude, azimuth, finger wheel and ToolsID from Wacom Intuos tablets.
Alpha channel support provides the user with the option to select one of five different alpha channel modes in both Import and Export modes, including Pre-Multiply and Non-Pre-Multiply.
Ability to import Macromedia Flash (SWF) directly into a layer, and enhanced DirectShow support for import and export of any Windows-supported file format.
Among the new features are more than a dozen new filters, including Bevel, Grain, Glow, Erode, Black and White converter, Bloom, several specialized Blurs, and others.
Control over filters – every attribute of all internal NewTek Aura [2.5] filters is individually keyframeable. Aura's powerful pixel tracking tool, noted for the ability to track multiple points across any number of frames, now works across layers.

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