Nici Picture Downloader 2.10 - Repost

Posted By: Ravanous
Nici Picture Downloader 2.10 - Repost

Nici Picture Downloader 2.10 | 3,48 Mb RAR

Nici is a picture downloader – it automatically downloads free pictures and movies from public webpages. Nici uses your standard internet connection to grab and save web pictures to your hard drive.

Features - Autopiloting, Adult-only feature with privacy mode

What Nici does:
Downloads pictures and movies from webpages to your computer.
Automated downloading: automatically grab pictures and movies. Watch while they download. Or do something else … then look through all the downloaded pictures.
View your pictures with easy keyboard control, slideshowing and picture morphing. New for v2.0 … view pictures in full screen mode.
Organize your pictures by giving them a rating out of 10, or by using picture categories. Sort the best from the rest.
Downloaded picture archives: see all the pictures you have downloaded organized by; date, by the rating out of 10, or by the picture's webhost.
Use Link-lists/Directory pages to quickly and easily find multiple webpages for downloading.
Protect your family from accidentally stumbling over your pictures.

The Auto Pilot fully automates both the finding and downloading of pictures and movies. This is an adults-only feature that makes use of the many webpages that provide updating lists of links to adults-only pictures

Nici and download the sexy pictures from page you mention, and the millions of other free sexy picture galleries on the web. If you don't know where to find them, don't worry … Nici knows exactly where they are!

Nici Picture Downloader 2.10 - Repost

Obscure Mode:
When Obscure mode is enabled, all pictures are altered slightly, so that programs like "My Computer" will not automatically display them. Numbers are used in place of file name words.

Download from RS, 3.48MB RAR

Hope you have as much fun as I did!