No Trace Evidence Destoryer v2.20

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No Trace Evidence Destoryer v2.20

No Trace Evidence Destoryer ver. 2.20
Win32 | Size: 3,35 Mb

The New No-Trace 2.0 is for anyone who cares about their privacy. As you work on your computer and browse the Internet, your computer is recording all your activities. In fact, even the emails you thought you deleted can be recovered, pictures, chat conversations, documents, etc.

This is a serious threat to your privacy and clearing your cache will not protect you. This is why the first thing many law-enforcement agencies do is confiscate a person computer during an investigation. No-Trace permanently erases your online and offline activities, while freeing up valuable disk space and increasing the performance of your computer.

* Clear all your online and offline activities.
* Clean your PC secret hidden blackbox.
* Clear your Browser Search Term History
* Remove your visited and typed URL list
* Ensure NO deleted data can retrieved
* Clear all your online & offline activities. Free up Hard-Drive Space.
* Keeps your PC running smooth & fast.
* Erase all Windows temporary files.
* Plus much more….


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