Norton SystemWorks 2003 Full Licensed

Posted By: arin
Norton SystemWorks 2003 comes with Norton AntiVirus 2003, excellent antivirus software which now scans files downloaded through instant messages, as well as from the Web and POP3 e-mail. It also blocks viruses that try to spread through your e-mail, keeps your virus definitions up-to-date, and looks for virus-like behavior.

Similarly, many of the tools in Norton Utilities are both easy to use and powerful. It checks the Registry and your hard drive for potential problems you wouldn't otherwise see, and helps you fix them. While some of the older tools have been superseded by options in Windows XP itself, the Speed Disk defragmenter gives you more information and more options than the built-in tools in any version of Windows.

The tools in CleanSweep are useful for clearing out clutter on your PC, whether from applications you've downloaded and installed, or for cleaning up after your browser. While there are other ways to do all of that, and the tools in this version have been reorganized rather than updated, you do get a very clear and simple interface to work with rather than having to hunt around. Plus there's a new tool called Connection Keep Alive to stop your dialup connection from disconnecting when you're not actively using it; handy if you leave your PC while a long download is running.

Download link: SystemWorks 2003