O&O CleverCache Server Edition ver. 6.1.2332

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O&O CleverCache Server Edition ver. 6.1.2332

O&O CleverCache Server Edition ver. 6.1.2332 | 3,7 MB

Berlin, 19 February, 2007 - O&O Software GmbH from Berlin, Germany has today released the new Windows Vista compatible Version 6.1 of their renowned O&O CleverCache program for memory optimization. O&O CleverCache optimizes the Windows memory and file cache management functions, using optimal settings to achieve substantial increases in performance for workstations and servers. This saves users the costs involved in purchasing and integrating new memory modules.

The inefficient memory management under Windows also results in unnecessary peformance losses under Windows Vista, which supports both the 32 and 64-bit variations. With the 64-bit version from Vista, the removal of the previous cap of 960 MB for the file cache means even more dramatic performance loss can occur through simple file operations. These operations are conducted swiftly, but in the case of some large files can use up the entire main memory, making further operations much, much tougher.

O&O CleverCache V6.1 optimizes the settings for the file cache automatically and monitors the entire system workload. Should applications or the operating system be using up too much main memory for the cache, the program will automatically restrict it. This means that sufficient memory is now available for other applications and the computer can continue to be used without any major impact.

For todays computer games, which not only use up a lot of main memory but also demand quicker response times, O&O CleverCache is the perfect supplement for the ultimate gaming experience. The integrated Mem-O-Free also ensures that the main memory is regularly defragmented. Mem-O-Free merges many small game segments into fewer, larger forms, meaning the system can both organize and localize free areas much quicker.

The integrated profiles mean users can individually set their systems to suit their preferred requirements. This enables O&O CleverCache to pefectly customize all memory requirements. The program already contains numerous predefined profiles created to accommodate a whole range of application requirements. In addition, users can also create, save and export their own profiles to make them available to other O&O CleverCache users.

The most important features at a glance:

* Improved file cache management for Windows
* O&O AutoSense Profile (predefined user profile)
* Create, export and import individual profiles
* Monitors the important system components (CPU, memory etc.), system tuning and advanced control and monitoring over the Tasktray.
* Mem-O-Free for more available main memory
* Mem-O-Safe for increased security in case of a system crash
* Detailed memory use and cache statistics
* Professional and Server Edition for optimal performance from desktop and server systems
* Runs under all versions of Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT (depending on the product version)