O&O UnErase ver.4.1.1419

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O&O UnErase ver.4.1.1419
O&O UnErase ver.4.1.1419 | 2,8 MB

O&O UnErase V4.1 makes the restoration of deleted data as easy as "a walk in the park". With the help of a new and one-of-a-kind algorithm, more files can be restored than ever before.
Within a matter of seconds, O&O UnErase V4.1 finds your deleted files and restores them with just the click of a button. The original filename and directory structure are also restored as if nothing had been deleted in the first place.

Restoration of files and folders
Supports all Windows file systems on all hard drives, removable media, floppy drives, memory cards and most digital cameras
Advanced options for precision searches for deleted files
Simple and intuitive user interface similar to that of Windows-Explorer
Completely overhauled search Algorithm to maximise the chances of a successful restoration
O&O InstantUnErase for Data Recovery without any pre-installed software