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Offline Explorer Enterprise ver. 4.5.2532 SR1

Posted By: mpe38
Offline Explorer Enterprise ver. 4.5.2532 SR1

Offline Explorer Enterprise ver. 4.5.2532 SR1 | 5.6 Mb | Windows OS

Using Offline Explorer Enterprise, you can download an unlimited number of your favorite Web, FTP, HTTPS, MMS, PNM and RTSP sites for later offline viewing, editing or browsing. Offline Explorer Enterprise is the most sophisticated offline browser that also has many web development features to easily edit, view, browse or search your downloaded Web pages using its built-in browser

Offline Explorer Enterprise combines the usability of Offline Explorer with the power of Offline Explorer Pro and adds:
*The ability to download up to 100 million URLs per Project;
*An OLE Automation interface to enable control from other applications;
*The ability to update Projects with deleted files.
*Internal Proxy server to access downloaded sites transparently in your browser.
*Offline Explorer Enterprise is an ideal product for companies that want to have their own offline browsing solutions. We put all our experience - since January 1997 - in offline browsing into it.

The most significant new features:
*Background colors in the Log Window
*Multiple proxy servers support
*The ability to change Project icon
*Site Map preview
*The ability to publish Projects on MetaProducts site
*Better downloading and parsing speed
*Test of a URL against URL Filters
*Test of URL Substitution rules
*The ability to abort connections in the Connections Panel with a single-click
*and more…