Office Password Recovery Toolbox ver.

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Office Password Recovery Toolbox ver.

Office Password Recovery Toolbox ver. | 1,02 MB

Office Password Recovery Toolbox is a comprehensive solution for recovering MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Access and VBA passwords.


To protect privacy and limit access to sensitive information, MS Office provides different types of protection. Whether it is ‘open', ‘write', or any other protection, a password is its key element. Without it, access to the most sensitive and important data is impossible. What can we do then, if a password to a Word or Excel document, Access database or Outlook folder is lost or accidentally changed? Does it mean that the data is gone forever? Office Password Recovery Toolbox is a solution that can recover passwords in those and many other cases. The program swiftly recovers passwords for MS Word, Excel, Access and Outlook files. Its amazing performance is grounded on the expert knowledge of Office protection and the use of a powerful decrypting server. Both these components working together ensure fast and secure recovery of virtually any password.

Office Password Recovery Toolbox can recover passwords that fall into any one of five categories – Word Passwords, Excel Passwords, Outlook Passwords, Access Passwords, VBA Passwords.