Only For Real Torrents Lovers: Dynamic Torrent Searcher 1.3

Posted By: tallist

I just found this micro-genial piece of software which searches various torrents sites (piratebay, torrentspy...) and gives you precious and handy information about seeders/leechers w/o going to each site...

I've called it micro cause is a 0,02 MB file... BUT:

Please note that this program is build upon the .NET Framework (1.0). So if you want it to function you'll need to download and install that as well. You only need to download this if you get an error message when you start the program. You can get it from microsofts website, or search google for it.

So, if you haven't installed the .Net Framework before you can grab it here (Microsoft official download) 23698 KB

If you think that could help you grab it at rapidshare or at megaupload.