Outpost Firewall PRO 3.0.543.431 ru/en

Posted By: acidjazz

The 3.0.543.431 version of Outpost Pro has been radically updated to better protect users from the latest spyware and hacker intrusion techniques, as well as improve defenses against sophisticated sniffing and spoofing attacks.

AntiSpyware Plug-in
A powerful, multi-layered defense against spyware. Protects against all types of spyware, at every stage of infection.

The spyware problem has become so widespread that every PC user needs to have reliable protection, and to have it sooner rather than later. The threat of spyware can no longer be overlooked. That’s why we’ve integrated real-time spyware defenses into the latest version of Outpost Pro, to protect users against spyware for good.

Monitors running programs to ensure no spyware activates on the PC

Scans active applications to make sure none are malicious or unauthorized. Non-conforming programs are instantly terminated;
Maintains the integrity of internal system configurations, preventing malware making unauthorized changes to vital settings and components;
Detects and removes spyware from storage devices
Scans folders, hard disks, floppy disks, CDs, DVDs and USB storage devices for the presence of spyware. Any spyware detected can be removed immediately or quarantined for review at a later time.
Blocks unauthorized transmission of sensitive user information (ID block)
Blocks any predefined text from being sent over the Internet. Any text string that you specify is prevented from ever leaving your computer, protecting you against identity theft. Credit card data, login information, and passwords cannot be intercepted and stolen by hackers;
Automatically updates spyware signatures
Ensures the computer is always up to date with the latest spyware protection.
Smart advisor

Keeps PCs safe from the most sophisticated hacking attacks

Hackers never rest; they are constantly devising ever more crafty ways to compromise your data and hijack your Internet-connected PC. To thwart their evil intentions, Outpost’s anti-hacker capabilities have been significantly reinforced and now provide tools to protect against sniffing, spoofing, Remote Desktop Protocol exploitation, and a multitude of other existing and future attacks. Outpost’s unique Attack Detection plug-in proactively defends against zero-day attacks and helps plug existing vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system.