OverSpy v2.5

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OverSpy v2.5

OverSpy v2.5 | 3.84 MB

OverSpy captures all online conversations, web sites visited, all emails sent and received, all keystrokes typed, all computer operations and opened documents, and takes screenshots every few minutes. Total surveillance!
All this is happening in full stealth mode so the person you are monitoring will never be aware of it.

OverSpy takes screenshots at configurable interval. Then you can preview what had happened on the PC in a movie-like mode. In a list at the bottom will be shown all monitoring data that had been gathered when the screen capture had been taken. This is as close as possible you can get to the real action.

OverSpy has 15 different monitors that are able to capture virtually everything that happens on the PC. They are conveniently organized in separate tabs. Furthermore you can activate/deactivate every monitor as you like.

In little time you can find the exact information you need. You can either browse it by monitor's category or use the powerful as-you-type search. You can also filter captured data by user or by the date it has been collected.

Using OverSpy you will know everything that happened on the monitored computer. But may be you want not only to know it but block some activities from happening altogether? You can use the Filtering feature. Prevent the user to visit specified web sites, stop programs you don't want to be started or completely restrict certain users from using the PC.

You can safely leave OverSpy running for weeks and check what have been monitored after that. But wouldn't you prefer to get reports on the gathered information? OverSpy has Reporting By Email feature that will keep you informed even if you do not have physical access to the PC.