Ovulation Calendar Calculator.v2.0.0

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Ovulation Calendar Calculator.v2.0.0

Ovulation Calendar Calculator.v2.0.0 | 5 MB

This is not just for the ladies, it’s also meant for husbands or boyfriends too! Check your ovulation or your partner’s ovulation period with this Ovulation Calendar Calculator. Don’t underestimate the use of this utility, as it is able to help you predict when is the best time to have sex so as to avoid pregnancy, as well as when is the best time to conceive a baby, whenever you are ready for one.
The software is able to chart a woman’s ovulation cycle on a monthly calendar, with a graph to follow such that it is user-friendly. The information given by the program is able to predict the calendar days on which the woman is likely to be most fertile, so as either to avoid these days or to have the men get working really hard during this period of time!