Project Seven Gallery Magic 1.09

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Project Seven Gallery Magic 1.09

PVII Gallery Magic | Dreamweaver Extension | 3.78 MB

Bring your images to life with the most powerful, feature-rich image gallery solution available for Dreamweaver: Image Gallery Magic by PVII - the leader in creative Dreamweaver extensions. Image Gallery Magic can create the entire layout for you or you can insert a gallery into an existing page.

Optimizing and scaling of original images
Web-ready images are automatically produced from your original images, which can be located on any drive connected to your computer - including drives mounted by your digital camera. Image Gallery Magic handles all image processing automatically, using the Fireworks graphics engine.

Use Fireworks, Photoshop, or other editors…
While iGM makes quick work of existing images you've processed yourself in Photoshop, PSP, or any other image editor, Fireworks users benefit from total and seamless interoperability. Simply point iGM at a folder of images anywhere on your system - or to your Digital Camera's mounted drive - and sit back and relax as your images are automatically scaled and optimized to your own specifications - using the Fireworks engine. iGM will create both your full-size and your thumbnail images - automatically.
The size of your originals does not matter. Once your images are processed, and your
gallery built, you can use the Edit buttons in the iGM interface, at any time, to load your images into Fireworks for further processing. If, however, you use another image editor, such as Photoshop, you can process your thumbnails and full-size images first, then use Image Gallery Magic's interface to locate your full-size images, associate them with their related thumbnails, and build your gallery. The edit controls in iGM will load your images, for further processing, into the image editing application you have set as default in your Dreamweaver preferences.
No aspect ratio is ever harmed… your images can vary in size or orientation
When Image Gallery Magic processes your images, they are never distorted in any way. Original aspect ratios are always preserved.

Select from 6 professionally designed layouts… or insert your gallery into an existing layout Image Gallery Magic comes with a built-in PVII Page Pack™ engine, fueled with 6 gorgeous layouts that you can create with one-click ease. Once your page is created, the Image Gallery Magic system launches, enabling you to select and process images to complete your gallery. And because styling is CSS-driven, you have control over the look and feel of your gallery.

Captions, descriptions, and counters
Image Gallery Magic allows you to mange image captions, descriptions, and even to include an image counter - right from the comfort and convenience of the iGM User Interface window.

Bring your images to life… in a gallery that is alive with interactivity
iGM thumbnails are presented in horizontal rows. You choose the number of thumbnails per row and we provide smooth-glide scrolling between rows with automatically numbered links to each row. If that's not cool enough, you can choose from 42 ways to animate the appearance of your full-size images. 40 of these effects utilize efficient Direct-X, which is supported by IE5.5, IE6, and IE7 on Windows. Other browsers will automatically use a cool fly-in effect powered by modern DOM scripting.

Manage it all from within a dedicated window
All aspects of your gallery are managed from within the iGM user interface window.
• Add (append) new images to your gallery. You can use the automatic build mode, which leverages the Fireworks image processing engine, or you can select images that you've already processed yourself.
• Delete images or re-order them.
• Manage Captions, Descriptions, and a counter - including where they appear.
• Edit images (the edit command launches your default image editor and loads the selected image).
• Choose a full-size image to load when your page loads.
• Select the number of thumbnails to display per row.
• Enable smooth-glide scrolling of thumbnail rows.
• Choose an animation effect for your full-size images.
• Supports Dreamweaver Templates.
• Allows bookmarking of individual images.
• Search-engine friendly.

Cross-browser and OS support
Image Gallery Magic works in virtually all modern browsers on Windows and OS X. Galleries degrade gracefully in older browsers and are fully accessible to user agents that are not JavaScript-enabled.

• MSIE 5.x
• MSIE 6.x
• Safari 1.x and up
• Firefox 0.7 and up
• Mozilla 1.x and up
• Netscape 7.x and up
• Opera 7.x and up

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