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Vi*ta pack for WindowBlinds 5

Posted By: Joshua_X

Vi*ta pack for WindowBlinds 5

windo*s style | RAR | ~ 2,7 MB

For those who didn't grab KoL's best visualisation of Windo*s Vi*ta style in time...

▪ VistaXP and Microsoft
Posted on Dec 14, 2005 by KoL

First of all I have to say that Microsoft have all the rights to ask anyone to remove a theme if it’s using Microsoft's copyright material. I understand that and I knew that when I first created the Vista inspired port to Windows XP.

I know that a company need to defend their intellectual property and I don’t have any problem with that. I removed the skin from all the sites that I uploaded. The only thing that I find a little annoying is the fact that they contacted me 5 month after I made the first version of the skin and only my skin. I think if they really wanted to protect their intellectual property they should have contacted me before and they should have contacted all other authors and sites that are making and distributing all Vista skins.

There are a lot of different Vista skin for Windows XP out there and using the same resources that I used to create my theme. I think that the reason that my VistaXP skin was taken down is because it was one of the most popular and downloaded skin on some of the best skinning and art sites like WinCustomize and deviantART. That got the attention of Microsoft.

I want to clear everything, I wasn't threat or anything, they nicely asked to take the skins down and I did. I completely respect their decision and I won't upload or distribute VistaXP again.

▪ VistaXP removed
Posted on Dec 13, 2005 by KoL

The skins have been removed by Microsoft's request. I wont update or upload the skins again. Please do not redistribute the skin. Thanks.

IMHO his port is far way better than others - that's why I can't help myself and hear KoL's appeal about redistribution, sorry.

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Grab it here: