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Page Gallery v3.0.1

Posted By: elixyr
Page Gallery v3.0.1

Page Gallery v3.0.1 | 53,9Mb

Page Gallery™ allows any photographic studio to create the Wedding-Album of the future. It is an easy and fast software package, offering a vast number of layout options for individual design. All you have to do is choose an image file, the software will crop, resize and position the image into your choice of layout design… all within 3 minutes. It gives you fully automated options for changing a color image into B&W, introduce color tones and special effects for extra artistic results. The templates vary from very simple and classic designs to more complicated options, it allows the individual artist to compose a personalized album result with each and every client. It's that simple, it's easy, it's fast and… beware…addictive fun!

An array of options

* Page Gallery™ is Fully automated - Easy to use.
* Page Gallery™ is Drag & Drop.
* Page Gallery™ is designed within Photoshop 7.0 and CS.
* Page Gallery™ operates as a "skin over Photoshop so you can seamlessly switch between the two.
* Quick page construction (under three minutes per spread).
* Infinitely adjustable designs.
* All individual layers (including some combined constructions for ease of use).
* View all your images as thumbnails, and hide or reveal as you require.
* Elegant and Sophisticated templates all designed and constructed by Yervant .
* Multiple sized output within ratio.
* Full resolution outputs selectable by operator. Batch Output up to 80 spreads.
* 2200+ Templates, compatible with most Album manufactures.
* Full resolution outputs selectable by operator.
* Page Gallery™ is compatible with Photoshop 7 and CS.
* Page Gallery™ is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows.