Paint Express ver.1.30

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Create icons, cursors, and bitmaps from existing images or from scratch
Create multi-format icons and cursors in just few clicks

Modify images (To edit and enhance the images, Paint Express offers a variety of drawing tools: semi-transparent brush, color replacement tool, shapes with different filling including gradient, rotation, flip, etc.; image filters: smooth, blur, sharpen, shadow, grayscale; and image adjustment effects for: brightness, contrast, opacity.)
Capture any image from the screen easily
Convert images from one type to another in just a few seconds
Increase/decrease images' color depth with ease

Search and find icons, cursors, and bitmaps on your computer (Paint Express allows to run several simultaneous searches. You can filter and/or sort the search results based on image type, width, height, color depth, etc.)
Extract icons, cursors, and bitmaps from the resources in .EXE, .DLL, and .OCX files
Resize images
Print images