PalmOS: Memo.Plus.v4.18 :: Participate.v1.02 :: ToDo.Plus.v3.63 :: TextPlus v5.7 :: KeyWord and Idea

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Memo.Plus.v4.18 :: Participate.v1.02 :: ToDo.Plus.v3.63 :: TextPlus v5.7 :: KeyWord and Idea Manager v1.0 :: My Diet! v1.0 :: Task List Manager v3.0 :: URL Mgr v1.01


Memo PLUS is everything your built-in Memo Pad is and a whole lot more! Add drawings, start from a template, even set an alarm for a Memo! Once you try it, you wont ever go back! ..


Participate(tm) makes the painstaking--yet vital--work of scoring student participation a little easier--many would say a lot easier! Rather than going to the board, fumbling with a gradebook, or losing notecards, you can quickly look at your entire class on one small screen, tap on any student, and a point is automatically given (or taken away).


ToDo PLUS gives you all the features you wish you had in your built-in ToDo list.You can add drawings, set an alarm for a ToDo, create repeating tasks, and even see all your categories at a glance...

TextPlus v5.7

Best-selling Text Input Tool for Palm OS! Text Plus is a Palm OS enhancement that can significantly improve the speed and accuracy of text entry on your Palm device. TextPlus supports intelligent dictionary-based suggestion of words and phrases to speed up your text entry.

KeyWord and Idea Manager v1.0

Keyword and Idea Manager helps you organize your thoughts and ideas quickly. Ease to use interface lets you organize your ideas simply by tapping and dropping.

My Diet! v1.0

My Diet! is for anyone on a low calorie diet. Now you can keep all your dietary information with you in the Palm of your hand.

Task List Manager v3.0

So, you have too many tasks in your busy life? Don't know how to manage them? You feel very hard to remember the status of every task? Here is the solution: Task List Manager.

URL Mgr v1.01

The Url Mgr is used to manage and organize the URL address/web site/bookmark in the most convenient way.

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