Panda Antivirus 2007 ver. 2.01.00 Multilanguage

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Panda Antivirus 2007 ver. 2.01.00 Multilanguage

Panda Antivirus 2007 ver. 2.01.00 Multilanguage | 31.6MB

The new Panda Antivirus 2007 makes protecting your computer as easy as possible, because it automatically blocks and removes all types of viruses and spyware so you can surf the Internet, send and receive email play games, download files, chat online… and relax. Plus, it’s small and super-efficient, so your computer runs faster!

Automatically detects and eliminates all types of viruses

Viruses, worms, and Trojans have evolved and multiplied. Now they are designed to infect without you noticing. Panda Antivirus 2007 automatically detects and eliminates them to keep your PC virus-free.
Forget about infections!

Complete protection for Windows© Vista

While security in Windows© Vista is improved, it is not designed to protect against viruses, worms, and certain kinds of Trojans. For complete security, dedicated antivirus software is required.

Panda Antivirus 2007 is the ideal solution for your Windows© Vista computer. It combines excellent protection with very fast scanning, to maintain high levels of computing performance.
Work and play securely on your new Windows© Vista computer.

Keeps your PC free from spyware

The Internet is teeming with spy programs that can invade your privacy and steal information by secretly snooping on your online activity.
Spyware can also slow down yourPC, cause annoying and aggressive pop-up ads, and change your computer settings.Panda Antivirus 2007 detects and completely removes spyware and other annoying programs automatically.
Safeguard your privacy!

Protects against online fraud

New sophisticated online fraud techniques emerge every day. These scams are designed to obtain your login details, account numbers and other data that can then be used to steal your money or identity.
Panda Antivirus 2007 will keep you safe from these dangerous scams. Bank and shop online with complete peace of mind!