Pantone HexWare v2.5

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Pantone HexWare v2.5

Pantone's new version of HexWare 2.5, a software toolset of Adobe plug-ins, offers powerful new features to simplify working in Hexachrome.

HexImage 2.5 is a color correction and separation plug-in for Photoshop that converts raster images into Hexachrome six-color DCS2.5 files for placement in page layout programs. New features let you soft proof Hexachrome output, perform color corrections, adjust ink density values and choose from a selection of newly developed ICC-compatible Hexachrome output device profiles.

Use Pantone HexVector 2.5 for Illustrator to convert vector graphics and line art to Hexachrome. Create color palettes using the libraries supplied, or use the Color Mixer to produce custome Hexachrome colors. You can save custom color palettes, it is ICC-compatible, and it includes output device profiles. Print files directly, or save as EPS files for placement into other applications.

Tested with Adobe Creative Suite and CS2

Download: Appz + Serial 25.8