PAQ eFileGo v4.0

Posted By: Alexpal
PAQ eFileGo v4.0

PAQ eFileGo v4.0 | 1 Mb

Files sharing http server, send large files or attachment very fast, safely, no client software needed.
Client OS can be Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac , etc. as long as a internet browser is installed.

¤Advanced file sharing tool.
¤Send large files quickly and safely.
¤No monthly fee, No Ads.
¤Easy to use.
¤Setup up an file sharing server as simple as 1-2-3.
¤Files can be download remotely, no need to install any client software.
¤Quickly: resuming download and multithread download.

Main features
Supports sharing files by resuming download and multithread download. (faster and faster)
Supports send file by multi security protect. download password and upload password)
Supports running sharing file server under 95/95/nt/2k/2003/xp. Client Os can be Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac , etc. as long as a internet browser is installed.
Supports share file for long file name and unicode filename or multibyte file name.
Supports send or upload any size of file.
Sends large files easily. It can solve the problem that e-mail's attachment has limited in volume. You can send the files as big as you want.
Make your computer became a server. The receiver obtains your computer's URL. He can download the files you want to send to him.
You can send all kinds of files include documents, photos, images, programs, folders and a website etc. You don't need enter an e-mail host to do this.
Easy to use. The interface is very convenient to use.
Runs on all Windows platforms.
The receiver can use an ordinary web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) to accept your files.
The receiver can even use Linux or Mac Os to share files with you.

This software is designed to send larges as easy as 1-2-3. Traditionally we send our files by email, however, the email box is often limited to send or receive big files. Moreover, the file is sent to mail server so that your friend can download it from his mail server. Because many people use the same mail server, the speed of sending and receiving become slow;
Efilego sends your files directly to your friend's computer, it is fast!
Efilego uses download password and upload password scheme to perform a peer to peer (p2p) file transferring safely.
Another popular methods is using ftp server. Even if you are an professional IT engineer so that you can set up an professional ftp server, there are always many friends of you do not know how to "ftp" a file from the internet. Those people who are not ITs wants eEileGo so that they can "ftp" by Internet Explorer!

See more on developers site.