PatentHunter ver.3.5.05

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PatentHunter ver.3.5.05

PatentHunter ver.3.5.05 | 10 MB

PatentHunter™ is a software program that helps patent attorneys, businesses and inventors search, download and manage United States and foreign patents. Unlike commercial providers who can charge $3 to $5 per patent, downloading patents with PatentHunter is FREE because PatentHunter searches patents and downloads complete patent images from the USPTO and EPO websites.
PatentHunter 3.5 has the following features!

Free downloads & searches (USPTO & EPO).
Download by PCT application number (e.g. PCT/US01/00406).
Easy patent management in folders.
Copy/paste search results.
Downloads in both PDF & HTML formats.
Directly e-mail patents to others.
Multiple patent download input feature.
Automatic redownload failed downloads.
Unlimited free product support (24 business hours).
Easy and simple product updates.
…. and much more!