Paypal Flash Button Creator v1.7

Posted By: gsa18
Paypal Flash Button Creator v1.7

Paypal Flash Button Creator v1.7
Create Flash Paypal button on the fly

PayPal Flash Button Creator can be used for Flash websites or HTML websites. With Flash websites, one of the hardest things is importing the PayPal code into the buttons. Now you can do it easily with the PayPal Flash Button Creator. For HTML websites, you put them into your page just like any other Flash object. And as this very page shows, they can be used in ASP.NET pages as well. That's right, Beaver Valley Software's website is demonstrationing the PayPal Flash Button Creator. And with Flash, you get added security against malicious web robots that harvest information like email addresses!


* Make unlimited PayPal Buttons for your website
* Make Single Item, Donation, Cart, or Subscription Buttons, View Cart Buttons
* Make Custom Payment Pages for every Button.
* Instructions for using with Macromedia Flash can be read here
* Instructions for using with an HTML website are created with each button
* Set an IPN url in each button
* Have PayPal post data to your website
* Uses the same ppb files that our other PayPal products use
* You can edit your PayPal buttons offline and only make single modification if desired
* Sixty images to choose from to embed into your buttons