PC Adrenalin 1.0

Posted By: quil__23

PC Adrenalin 1.0

As is well known after installation of Windows XP it's tuned not for best performance because of various hardware platforms it may be running on. Therefore after installation Windows needs to be tweaks for the current computer hardware. Unfortunately there is no integrated tool in windows for detailed tweak of it except hand tweaking using registry editor supplied within windows distributive that could be very dangerous. Therefore we have developed PC Adrenalin a tool that will try to automatically tweak your system for best performance. It's simple to use because you need just to select a tweak preset and after process complete reboot your computer.

Also there are 5 useful tools built in the application that helps to keep your system in a good condition. They are:

Autorun manager that will help you to monitor and manage applications that runs during system startup. It's useful because some spyware programs and trojans place their files into autorun list so you can control them.
Browser Helper Objects manager that will help you to manage BHO's. There are lot of spyware and annoying toolbars among them that installs without your permission.
Sometimes users forget to use Uninstall software supplied with the applications and delete programs directly but information about software remains on the installed software list. So if you want to clean the list of installed software in the Add/Remove software control panel applet use Uninstallation Manager.
The most important factor influenced on computer performance is disk fragmentation. When disk is just formatted files are written one by one. But when some of them where deleted new files are written in the spaces between existing files. Thus if user tries to read such file it takes more time when if it would be written as one big piece. Disk defragmentation will correct this problem. After disk defragmentator finishes its work all files will be written as entire parts that will speed up their read procedure. Our Disk Defragmentation Assistant will help you to monitor your disk state and indicate if one of your disk needs to be defragmentated.
Services Manager this tool will help you to manage your services. By default windows runs a lot of useless for current computer services. For example you needn't wireless network adapter service if you don't have such adapter. Here you can select several presets of services and also enable/disable services what you need/needn't.

PC Adrenalin could increase performance of you computer from 20% to 50%. So if you have low performance computer or your computer works slowly try to use our optimization tool - “PC Adrenalin” and you'll see how fast can be your computer