PC Security Manager 1.2

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PC Security Manager 1.2

PC Security Manager 1.2 | Win32 | Size: 2,10 Mb

PC Security Manager is a utility application for managing access restrictions of Windows OS and Windows Applications. PC Security Manager will enable to you to better secure your system against unauthorized usage. Some of the restrictions include: granular access to the Windows Control Panel functionality, secure access to any drive (CDROM/DVDROM, HD, Floppy, USB), ability to remove shared resource identification, managment of the startup menu items (such as “Run…”), disabling network drive mapping functionality, disabling file association changes in Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer restrictions (such "View Source" menu option). The restrictions can be applied systemwide or to an individual user profile. PC Security Manager allows your to export one profile and import it into another one. The access to the PC Security Manager itself can be protected by a password.


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