PCDJ BLUE 7.3.1001

Posted By: CYBERstix
PCDJ BLUE 7.3.1001
OS:win32 | 11.9 MB

Red and Blue VRM let you DJ mix with your PC or Laptop with PCDJ's two audio players and full feature selection. With the ease of use and superior management of your music files, Red or Blue VRM is a powerful product to perform professionally with. If you're a working professional DJ, or a beginner, and looking for a simple interface and performance power, check out these hot favorites in the Digital DJ world.

PCDJ Red and Blue has been redesigned and rebuilt for complete ease-of-use and management of music files (.MP3,.WMA,.WAV and Microsoft DRM files). It contains much of the power and versatility of PCDJ's award winning flagship product PCDJFX. If you're looking for the new DJ technology from PCDJ but want a simple interface, the new Red or Blue VRM will suit you. Simple but powerful