The PC Detective Pro ver. 2.9.2

Posted By: mpe38
The PC Detective Pro ver. 2.9.2

The PC Detective Pro ver. 2.9.2 | 3.7 Mb | Windows OS

The PC Detective PRO is an application designed to supervise user access on stand-alone or network connected workstations. The program consists of two components: the Viewer and the Logger. The Logger records basically everything that runs on the computer creating logs of all activity including applications, Internet sites, instant messengers and keystrokes. You can also schedule the Logger to make screen captures for a more accurate image of the activity of the workstation. Other interesting features are the option to disable the Ctrl+Alt+Del and Windows Task Manager, map a network drive, send messages or start applications on a remote PC. You can view reports or remotely connect to a client PC in the Viewer. You can view multiple desktops using the Multiscreen option, setup users and setup email reports.

Pluses: It may be run anonymously on any machine without anyone noticing it. In case you need regular reports about certain workstations, you can set the program to send regular email containing all relevant data.
Drawbacks / flaws: In conclusion: The PC Detective PRO appears to be a useful and easy to use application suitable for environments where direct workstation supervision is a must. It can also be used in schools or educational purposes.