PDF-XChange Pro 3.601081 I 9.35 MB

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PDF-XChange Pro 3.601081   I   9.35 MB

PDF-XChange Pro 3.601081 I 9.35 MB

PDF-XChange Pro is the best solution for the creation of Adobe compatible PDF files from virtually any Windows software such as MS Word, Excel, AutoCAD, MS Publisher etc, the list is endless !

PDF-XChange & PDF-Tools are together now - the Complete PDF Creation and Management Tool with all possible features and options.

Works with any Windows application running on all Windows 32 bit releases (Win 95 thru Windows XP)

PDF-XChange PRO is identical to the Standard version, and also includes the additional bundled application PDF-Tools.
PDF-XChange acts as a printer, but instead of the output going to paper in the conventional manner - it is captured and re-directed to create a fully compatible, Text Searchable, Adobe PDF File (subject to the source material being readable - image files remain non text-searchable).
You also receive MS Office integration allowing extra functionality such as clickable Table of Contents (TOC) and embedded URL support (i.e. 'Click Here' style links) + Office to PDF - a batch converter allowing the conversion of Multiple files to PDF that are MS Office Supported formast such as .doc, .xls, .rtf, .html, .txt etc…
As a result of our efforts and time spent on improving our bestseller, the new version of PDF-XChange has many new features which will make your life easier then ever before.
In addition to the ability to create files (including up to 1.6 specification, though this later format requires viewing with Adobe Acrobat Reader ver.7.0 or later), you can now:

Use PDF-XChange with the new 64 BIT for XP and Vista Versions of MS Windows.

use New Simple Mode interface option - if you prefer not to be faced with a myriad of choices - switch off the Advanced user mode and simplify the choices available, let PDF-XChange take the strain and make the complex options easy for you!
Append to an existing PDF file (also job management is now available & significantly improved);
Mount Multiple source pages on a single output page ! (up to 16 pages per sheet) is supported;
output to resolutions of up to 2400 DPI, varied paper sizes (PDF-Xchange supports the 42 most used paper formats + 100 forms sizes may be added by the user, DPI now may be not only chosen from the standard list, but also set up manually in the wide range of 50-2400 dpi);
manage embedded fonts (new options for font embedding are added in Version 3.5);
easily work with CJK fonts (PDF-XChange V3 supports fonts containing Unicode symbols, making PDF-XChange an easy choice for users requiring Chinese, Japanese and Korean etc (CJK) font compatibility.);
design and add watermarks to your output (now you may create combinations of watermarks (text and image and PDF file pages/overlays); use transparency for watermarks; print watermarks on a pre-defined range of pages);
recognize/create bookmarks automatically (bookmarks' creatiob and recognition is based on user-defined document parameters (font, font size, font style etc.) from any Windows application output - not just MS Office!;
send created PDF documents immeadiately via e-mail using the internal built-in mailer (SMTP) or call the default system mailer (MAPI) - such as MS Outlook;
save files to automated 'Macro' based file names and locations - and send by Email if required - totally automated if configured!;
call your favourite viewer or software application after the file is created;
create and use profiles to set the environment and setting according to different needs - and save them for a different user or use for differing 'job' profile needs!;
use Hot web URL links which are supported (links analyzer is significantly improved);
System Adminstrators performing large numbers of installs are welcome to use the in-built Silent Install Technology/.BAT file install - though we only provide this only to 25+ license pack owners. We hope to inlcude real time on line product updates in the near future too for all registered owners
MS Office Integration for Word, Excel and Powerpoint with added benefits, Hyperlink Table of Contents created, Embedded URL links in text such as 'Click here' etc
Digital Certificate/Signature Support
and - much, much more!

Moreover, - we are proud that at the time of implementing these great features, we have improved the speed of creation and the quality of output PDF files to create smaller files - more quickly.

Print to PDF ability from virtually any Windows application
(provides numerous options to create and maniuplate PDF's)
MS Office Integration (Includes Toolbar Icons and special features)
MS Office Batch Converter