Fineprint PdfFactory.Pro.v3.02 (Three version for general/Server/X64)

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Fineprint PdfFactory.Pro.v3.02 (Three version for general/Server/X64)

Fineprint PdfFactory.Pro.v3.02 (Three version for general/Server/X64)
PDF tool | 2.6MB(general) & 2.3MB(X64) & 5.1MB(Server) | With Crack

pdfFactory, pdfFactory Pro and FinePrint are available as Server Editions (SE) designed for use in a network environment. With hundreds of thousands of server based installations, SE is a proven solution for enabling PDF creation and efficient printing to any number of users in an organization.

Server Edition has the following features:

* Centralized Installation: Install SE on a Windows server, and any user can install by connecting to a shared printer. Admin access to the workstation is not required with SE.
* Centralized Updates: When a new version of SE is installed on the server, client users are automatically updated to the new version.
* Network Client Support: SE supports clients running Windows 95, 98/ME, NT, 2000 and XP including laptops and Terminal Server/Citrix clients.
* Shared configuration: Common settings can be placed on the server for propagation to workstations upon installation. For example, PDF security parameters saved on the server will be copied to workstations upon installation.
* License management: SE ensures license compliance and allows monitoring and control of license usage on a single server or a group of connected servers.

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