Personal Training Workstation 6.0.1

Posted By: darkhack
Personal Training Workstation 6.0.1

Personal Training Workstation 6.0.1 | 16 Mb

What's new in version 6.0?

Better navigation for the journals - No more Next and Previous buttons

Journals are now much cleaner and easier to read

Progress reports have been vastly improved - There is more information on each report, and it's easier to read

Easier charting - Charts are much easier to create now, they've redesigned the Progress Journal

More cardio charts - Now you can view progress charts for individual cardio exercises

More body measurements - Now allows separate left/right measurements

Partial food servings are now allowed (1.5 servings, etc.)

Foods are now editable

Workout Journal has been renamed to Weightlifting Journal

Aerobics Journal has been renamed to Cardio Journal