PGP Desktop 9 (Build 9.0.6) + E-book - REUPLOAD

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PGP Desktop 9 (Build 9.0.6) + E-book - REUPLOAD

REUPLOAD: PGP Desktop 9 (Build 9.0.6)
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A Complete Privacy Solution for Your PC!

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Desktop is a security tool that uses cryptography to protect your data against unauthorized access.

It protects your data being sent by email or by instant messaging (IM). It lets you encrypt your entire hard drive, so all your data is protected, or just a portion of your hard drive, on which you can securely store your most sensitive data.

It lets you put any combination of files and folders into an encrypted, compressed package for easy distribution or backup. And finally, it lets you securely delete files from your system so that no one can retrieve them.

What's New in PGP Desktop Version 9?

1. Whole Disk Encryption: is a new feature that lets you protect the entire contents of your desktop or laptop computer, external drives, and USB flash drives with trusted, proven PGP encryption technology.

2. PGP Zip is a new feature that lets you add any combination of files and folders to an encrypted, compressed, portable archive. You can encrypt it to specific PGP keys, so that only those persons can open it, or you can encrypt it to a passphrase, so that even people who don’t have PGP Desktop can open it. You can use PGP Zip to securely distribute files and folders or back them up.

3. Integration with PGP Global Directory. PGP Desktop automatically prompts you to upload your public keys to the PGP Global Directory, a free, publicly available keyserver hosted by PGP Corporation that provides quick and easy access to the universe of PGP keys. And if you don’t have the public key of someone you want to send an encrypted message to, PGP Desktop will automatically search the PGP Global Directory to find that public key.

4. Email proxy replaces plugins, providing automatic transparent encryption, signing, decryption, and verification with any email client. PGP Desktop’s plugins gave you PGP Desktop encryption for specific email clients. PGP Desktop’s new proxy technology replaces plugins, giving you PGP Desktop encryption with any email client, plus the ability to define policies for specific recipients, domains, and message priority, among others. Sending protected messages has never been easier or more powerful.

5. PGP Desktop always on. To support the new email proxy technology, PGP Desktop stays on all the time, protecting your data automatically and transparently.

6. Unified interface. There continues to be multiple ways to access PGP Desktop features, but the easiest way is the new, unified PGP Desktop screen, where each of the four main product features has its own Control box on the left pane and the work area on the right pane.

7. Built-in integration with PGP Universal, if you are in a PGP Universal-protected domain. You can get messaging policies automatically from the PGP Universal Server managing your messaging domain.

8. Management of PGP Desktop by a PGP administrator in a PGP Universal-protected domain. Your PGP administrator can create custom versions of PGP Desktop.



PGP & GPG: E-mail for the Practical Paranoid
Author: Michael W.Lucas
No Starch Press / 2006
ISBN: 1-59327-071-2
PDF | Size: 1.8 MB