Photojam 4 Deluxe

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Photojam 4 Deluxe

Photojam 4 Deluxe

PhotoJam 4 Deluxe features many of the editing tools found in professional photo software, but makes them easy to use. With PhotoJam 4 Deluxe, you can easily:

* Auto correct color
* Fine tune brightness, contrast, saturation and colors
* Reduce red eye
* Rotate and crop
* Apply filters (over 20 choices)
* Paint
* Touch up (erase, clone, smudge…)
* Add animated clip art
* Frame photos
* Add captions & text

With PhotoJam 4 Deluxe, it's easy to take control of all the photos on your home computer or digital camera. A quick hard disk or camera scan can help you find your photos, so you can sort them using our intuitive album system. You can even add comments and ratings to to ensure that any photo in your collection can be easily found, any time.

Printing your photos has never been easier. Using PhotoJam 4 Deluxe, any photo can be printed either at home, or through an online service. Additional fees may apply.

Photojam website has more details: